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Why Dr. Steve Bedwell?

In addition to delivering a powerful, game-changing speech, here are a few more reasons why Steve is hired by so many savvy event professionals…

1. Exceptional Customer Service: Dr. Steve has a simple, no-drama booking process, a commitment to customizing his content for your audience, and a passion for partnering with you to generate excitement for your event. (You will find, as others have found, that booking Dr. Steve will make your meeting better, your life easier and you look great.)

2. Dr. Steve Will Energize Your Entire Meeting: After Dr. Steve jumpstarts your meeting, expect a charged positive environment and an avalanche of excited feedback from smiling attendees…which overflows onto the feedback forms.

3. Dr. Steve Will Open Your Attendees’ Minds To New Ideas: Throughout your conference, you’ll hear your attendees discussing Dr. Steve’s ideas, and your other speakers quoting him. Clients also report that his speeches leave attendees more open to each other and their industry educators. (The speakers you’ve spent so much time, energy and money tracking down and organizing.)

4. Habit Hacking Messages: To increase the value and impact of Steve’s program, audience members can request his Habit Hacking messages. These are ideal for individuals who would like to incorporate more of Steve’s professional development tactics into their daily routine. (These messages build into an ongoing system for professional and personal development.)

4. Silo Busting: Steve insights improve office relationships, break down organizational silos and start the process of building collaborative relationships across an organization.

5. Webinar: In addition, to leverage the excitement around Dr. Steve’s program and ensure that the changes stick, he includes a live 60 minute post-speech webinar at no additional charge.

6. Access To Steve’s Professional Network: After clients have heard Steve speak, they often seek his advice on hiring a leadership or motivational speaker for another event. Dr. Steve is happy to make (commission-free) recommendations. This includes introducing you to outrageously helpful speakers bureaus who share his passion for customer service.

7. Steve’s ideas work for any organization, in any industry, facing any challenge. (We realize that this is a bold claim but he’s regularly hired to speak to groups of CEOs, other executives and senior administrators; the “show me” elite who will call out a phony pitch in a heartbeat.)

8. Rave Reviews: Dr. Steve consistently tops the feedback forms and earns rave reviews. You can be confident that he will “produce the goods.” This website is chock-a-block with testimonials from enthusiastic clients.

9. Universally Applicable: Steve’s ideas are equally applicable to problems in your attendees’ private lives. In addition, my Habit Hacking approach addresses universal challenges. And so my strategies and tactics will be relevant for everyone within your diverse audience (including your attendees’ spouses).

10. Dr. Steve’s Guarantee: Every one of his motivational speeches is unequivocally guaranteed. He consistently top the feedback forms and earn rave reviews. You can be confident that I’ll produce the goods. All the same, if Dr. Steve doesn’t exceed your audience’s expectations, he’ll return his check. Sound fair?