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About Dr. Steve Bedwell

Here’s what you need to know about Dr. Steve: If you took the best parts of Hugh Jackman, Tom Cruise and Ryan Reynolds and made them into one man…He’s the bits left behind!

He’s also a medical doctor with research training, an obsessive streak and a knack for applying complex scientific data to everyday problems. Dr. Steve spent nine years in college studying feverishly for degrees in clinical biochemistry and medicine. He read widely around each subject, and every vacation stuck around the medical school conducting research. (Bookworm and science nerd…a real chick-magnet!)

As a medical doctor, Dr. Steve traveled the world conducting research in the U.S., Europe and Australia. He even found himself deep in the African jungle removing an appendix under the illumination from a car headlight.

An experienced teacher—Dr. Steve spent seven years explaining the complexities of medicine at the prestigious Royal London Hospital—he’s also a stand-up comedian. He has an unparalleled ability to present cutting-edge content on professional development while being laugh-out-loud funny. This approach, education and entertainment in equal measure, has earned him rave reviews from associations, corporations and healthcare audiences across the country.

Expect a speech that’s riveting, provocative and explosively funny…and then watch Dr. Steve sweat spinal fluid to exceed your expectations.